Tweetings for Twitter v5.6.0

  • 10 Temmuz 2014
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  1. Android cihazlar için geliştirilmiş alternatif Twitter istemcisidir. Android 4.0 ve üzeri destekler.

    + Compose new tweets directly from Android Wear, not just replying to notifications
    + Streams now connect to all active accounts, not just default account
    - Avatars in extra high resolution. Only enable if your device has a enough of RAM
    - Set to large heap size, more memory for images
    - Replying from Wear with multiple notifications showing could cause incorrect replies
    - Tweaks to refresh on resume
    - Fix rate limit issues if un-loadable gaps are in timeline and auto gap fill is enabled

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    Tweetings for Twitter - Google Play'de Android Uygulamaları


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