Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery V1.0.16

  • 1 Ekim 2013
  • 665 Okunma
  • 3 Cevap


    Thanks everyone for your feedback on 1.0.15! We found a critical issue that affects certain Android devices and didn't allow them to progress past certain puzzles, so we have released a new update to address this:
    - Game now zooms out farther for certain puzzles on 800x480 pixel screens to facilitate the completion of the tree puzzle and other puzzles.
    - Other minor improvements.
    This update is the fu ll ~180MB for technical reasons, but future updates will be smaller. Keep calm & carry on.

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    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    SD DATA:

    Yazan: ANIL
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