Internet Download Manager 6.33 Build 1

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Internet Download Manager 6.33 Build 1
Internet Download Manager, Windows cihazlar için yayınlanan popüler indirme yöneticisidir. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox gibi bir çok internet tarayıcısı ile uyumludur.

  • Added a new feature to improve downloading from sharing and other websites that generate temporary links that can be requested one time only. If IDM discovers such web site, it offers to send a report, and requests updated download rules for this web site from IDM servers. Because IDM has a large number of users, we plan to receive many reports and update this database quickly.
  • Added "Del" key to special keys to prevent downloading with IDM because previous keys ("Ctrl", "Alt", "Shift") that we offered were reserved by browsers for other purposes
  • Fixed bugs

| 7.6 MB (Shareware)
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