MSN Windows Live Messenger v6.50.1 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed (Update:08.11.10)

  • 9 Kasım 2010
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    Through mobile MSN, you may enjoy the free service which immediately provides to Live, not only provides chats immediately the service, but also has provided hotmail, Spaces for you, gateway information and so on a series of splendid Internet service. Latest mobile MSN has comprehensive synchronized PC function, supports local searches, anytime and anywhere synchronization your life!

    Personality portrait
    The handset can also play very plays the individuality, comprehensive synchronized PC the messenger personalization head picture, may establish through the mobile photograph as from the definition head picture, show leaves your style anytime and anywhere

    File transfer
    Supports in the mobile each type document transmission, shares the mobile resources comprehensively. The optimized photograph transmission, the recording transmission function lets you and good friend's communication has the interest, the sharing splendid quarter.

    Friend groups + Search
    Comprehensive synchronized PC the messenger function, supports the good friend grouping as well as the search good friend, the Internet and the handset seamless conformity new experience lets the communication becomes relaxed effective

    MSN mobile portal
    Mailbox, space, information, book city, game ......Online lives a spot to pass, enjoys the inconvenience which and the splendor heartily the "one-stop" work style service brings, is the fashion moist person

    Interacts based on the Messenger entertainment to communicate the platform, a series of interactive game helps you to know the friend, the relaxed entertainment, the share is joyful!

    New Features:
    * The new interface: The new interface to create an open platform, users do not log directly into the client will be search, portals, games and other services.

    * Cool off personality: Cool set off to bring Microsoft's service life information, business deals and personal customization as one of the all-round guide to life, my life I call the shots!

    * One-stop mobile Internet experience: Login to use a little more user can enjoy various services offered by MSN, including IM, SNS, discount coupons, PC and mobile phone experience seamless integration with Unity.

    * Mobile Bookmarks: Do not want to miss the wonderful collection of cell phone handy bookmark for you bit by bit exciting.

    Change Log:

    *Now you can use messenger without problem..

    Yazan: Nadir

    MSN Windows Live Messenger v6.50.1 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed (Update:08.11.10) İndir

  2. Arkadaslar calismiyor can not allov login diye bir hata veriyor...daha onceki surumkerdede oluyodu bir ara bu problem...cinliler serveri kaattilar gene galiba buarada hat vodafone
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  4. evet 5800 denedim ben aynı hatayı veriyor ok
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