Facebook Messenger for Symbian

  • 11 Ekim 2018
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  1. Is there any working application that supports Facebook Messenger on Symbian?
    Nimbuzz, fChat, Nokia Social, do not work.

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  2. Didnt you look at"Symbian^3 Sosyal Ağlar / Sohbet / E-posta" section?
    Maybe you can find that app or like that app.
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  3. Of course I looked. fBrowser from KOONOOZ is ok. But there is no sound notification of the message. What is the most important. It is likely that I am wrong and there is some acting app that has it.
  4. It seems you want an app that have notification sound.
    But I dont suppose there is app like you want.Because supporting of Symbian has ended
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  5. That's exactly what this is about. Detail, but an important one.

    Well, Nimbuzz, fChat, Nokia Social were supposed to have sound notifications, but the applications have probably already completely turned off.
  6. I am looking for you an app.Its facebook lite came my mind.Maybe it has notification sounds.Did you try Facebook lite?
    Edit Dont try facebook lite.It similar other facebook apps.
    Try Slick app.My 603 isnt on me.If it could become on me,I could try Slick instead of you.But now my Android phone is on me.

    There is a question in my mind.Are you English?
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  8. Dont understand wrongly but thing youre doing wrong is you look for facebook app with notification sound to Symbian phone.I love symbian phones much too.But real is that unluckily
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22/10/2018 - 08:43