Empire Defense Lite

  • 16 Kasım 2010
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  1. daha önce paylaştım Empire Defense oyunun lite versiyonu buyrun

    Hey,a fantastic tower defense game done right!With more than 5 unique maps, 9 different enemies, 3 tower types (all upgradable) and "Bonus Content" to stop a horde of enemies from devouring your brain in real time. Just challenge yourself with the smart strategy and become the most intelligent King in the classical period world.

    - Tower defense game in Middle Ages style
    -5 classic maps available ( version)
    - 9 types of towers including at least 20 different levels ( version)
    - Offensive or defensive candidate towers afforded to support variety of layout
    -Achievement System
    -Exchange store embedded to help upgrade quickly
    - Empire Defense Lite version features the first level (Very-Easy)
    - version is available now for $ 4.99

    Recent changes:
    1, the game initial increase of 10 million crystal, easy to buy a new tower
    2, the enhanced game guide
    3, modify the game bug


    Yazan: OğuzcanAbi

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