Armored Strike v2.057

  • 20 Kasım 2010
  • 1089 Okunma
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  1. Version: 2.057
    A tank battle game, the game can customize characters and tanks can also change of different colors, the figure is very much also. Bullets A picture of the game and voice are doing well, after a bomb accompanied by vibration, bring your real shock, it is worth doing well. Play the same BaiZhanTianChong almost and play.
    Game features:
    - 6 kinds of different characteristics of the units
    - 31 species variety of weapons
    - 8 different terrain
    In the 3 – different levels of AI difficulty
    - 5 kinds of wind

    Yazan: OğuzcanAbi

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  2. süperrr bunu beğendimm hacı :):)
  3. eyvallah :D
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