Texas Hold'em

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  • Updated: Sep 01, 2008
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • 1.1
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  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
  • Seller: Apple Inc.
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  • Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

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12282 Ratings
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Play like a pro against realistic opponents or with your friends over a Wi-Fi Network. Use all of the hints, tips, tells, and your mastery to gain access to exclusive rooms with higher-stakes and even bigger rewards!


- Switch between immersive first-person and top-down gameplay by rotating your iPhone or iPod touch
- Visually stunning graphics and realistic sound effects
- Opponents bet, bluff, and have secret tells
- In-game hints, tips, statistics, and player ratings
- Wi-Fi Multiplayer support for up to 9 players
- Use one or two-finger gestures to emote

What's New in Version 1.1

Now Texas Hold’em is even hotter with animating gesture-created emotes, more statistics tracking, and unlimited re-buys in Multiplayer games for longer competitive play!

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Customer Reviews

Great UI, mediocre AI...

by drpynchon It's hard to find big faults with the UI though I agree that some pot size-based buttons during betting might help. That said, again, the AI is quite intuitive and slick.

The problem here is the AI. After playing a while, even an intermediate level player can tell that the competition is extremely aggressive and wild, especially for tournament play. Opponents also exercise no understanding of betting relative to the pot (ie you see all-ins with $2k in early position when there's $20 in the pot). Moreover, there's little built in variability from opponent to opponent in terms of styles. It's easy to break the bank by being patient and pushing lots of chips with premium hands. Also, though the buy-ins and payouts rise along the way for the bigger tournaments, the quality of competition hardly corresponds, and tournaments are in a bit of a weird shoot-out style, with no more than 2 rounds.

Still, this thing continues to entertain and is a phenomenal way to kill time especially for the price -- definitely well worth every penny and the best executed AppStore game I've run into yet. I only wish future iterations would add different or larger tournament styles and an improved AI.

For $5, this game is more than worth it!

by eyemandy I think that $5 is such a reasonable price--especially compared to what other people are charging for less sophisticated apps. As for the game, it is gorgeous. If you hold your phone upright (vertical), you will see video clips of people actually playing. The game plays well; the taps and swipes are intuitively what you would expect. To fold, for example, you drag your cards to the table; to check, you tap three times. The only thing this game is missing is the ability to play with other people. It has Wi-Fi multiplayer, but you must play with people on the same wi-fi connection. This means either people you know, or if you get lucky and happen to hop on at Starbucks or somewhere and get someone else on at the same time. There are much less sophisticated games out there that allow you to play with live people. My boyfriend's older, crappier phone used to let me play tetris with real people.

This is THE Texas Hold'em game to purchase if you're going to purchase one. I know I always look for the best so I don't waste money on junk only to find a really cool (and usually cheaper) one later.

Needs independent AI's

by HeyHiHo Fun as a diversion, and the interface, graphics, sound, etc. are some of the nicest of any of the game apps....

BUT a poker game is really about the poker, right? A good poker game will run a game engine independently of the computer generated character's AI's. In other words, it should run the game based on whatever random chance / calculations of what's left in a deck program it uses, and the computer generated player's AI should run completely independent of that, with basic logic programs that allow them to choose to play a hand, fold, bluff, whatever.

However in this app, the game engine and the CGP's AI are clearly the same thing, working in conjunction with one another. This means you'll often see stupid hands like this: You have two aces. You play the hand. One guy goes all in before the first common card is dealt. The five dealt play out as an Ace, a 10, an 8, a 2, and a 7. You're feeling good because you have three aces. But the guy who followed you in wins it with a straight, since he had a six and a nine. Now who goes all in before the first common card is dealt with a six and a nine of different suits? And who then wins with a straight? In my neck of the woods both the guy and the dealer would get shot...

Clearly the computer generated players in the game "know" the cards that will be dealt. It makes for some pretty boring play. Stupid hands like the one I described, bizarre decisions like raising until they have only five hundred dollars in chips left from a pile of four thousand, and suddenly folding, etc. etc... poker games with independent AI are so much better, because then the players are actually playing to the best of their programming based only on the limited information they are receiving... just like you...

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