Solo Launcher - Smooth & Smart v1.9.0 (Hızlı ve Özelleştirilebilir)

  • 23 Ağustos 2014
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  1. Solo Launcher, Android cihazlar için geliştirilmiş hızlı ve özelleştirilebilir arayüzdür. Android 4.0 ve üzeri gerektirir.

    Solo Launcher is super fast, clean and smart, with the friendly and highly customisable settings, thousand of free themes, efficient home screen gestures and Google Now voice support. And it’s AD Free.
    (Add) Customizable Notification Toggle
    (Add) Android L style of folder preview (Enable in Solo Settings > Folder > Folder Previews > Android L)
    (Update) New Design Welcome Screen
    (Fix) Solo Cleaner show a wrong number of RAM
    (Fix) Fail to connect to Solo Play

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