Relax Puzzle

  • 16 Kasım 2010
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  1. It is a traditional board game. The aim of the game is to put an image from scattered fragments. Relax Puzzle offers two modes of play:
    1st - Game
    You must to complete the 25 images. You have to fit in a predefined time. Every 5 images available time is reduced.
    2nd - Quick Play
    A game with no time. You get the picture drawn from a pool of 25 images. You can always change the picture to another one.
    There are three levels of difficulty - easy, normal and hard. Most of the time to form the image is in easy mode and the least in hard mode.
    The best results are shown on the list of the best players and are stored in the phone's memory. Also the last stage is stored so there is possible to resume game in any time.


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