Pocket File Manager

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    The best File Manager with fu ll access to phone and SD Card!

    !!! To add SD card and other folders tap on "+" button and select "Add Provider. !!!

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    - fu ll access to Phone and SD Card. Now you can store any files in those locations and retrieve them by connecting to PC.
    - fu ll featured FTP Server. Supports active and passive connections. Supports authentication.
    - Downloader with resume and scheduler. Automatically detects Youtube url and allows to download video file.
    - File browser.
    - Copy/Cut/Paste operations for files and folders
    - SkyDrive,Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, Box, Google Drive, Copy.com support
    - Send files by Bluetooth
    - Send file by Email
    - Share by HTTP with NFC support
    - Supports extracting from rar,zip,tar,gz,7z formats
    - Compressing files and folders into .zip file
    - Save music into media library and set music as ringtone
    - Open and view movie files (supported formats are depend on Windows phone supported formats)

    Download Link
    Pocket File Manager Pocket File Manager v5.1.5.0 for windows phone

    Yazan: welcomezik

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