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  • 18 Nisan 2011
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  1. Network Signal Info 1.03 (Android)

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    Network Signal Info 1.03 (Android) (Donate)

    Provides detailed information over the currently used network, whether WiFi or cellular connection.

    I have put special value on the visualization of the WiFi and mobile signal strength. They are normally only divided in weakly, good and excellent. Graphically in the form of mostly "only" three to five bars on the Mobile Radio and three to five "waves" by a WiFi connection.
    In my app I differentiate the signal strength in total 14 bars. This will give you a quick visualized and detailed information about how good the signal strength is really.
    In addition to the much more sophisticated graphical representation of the signal strength you will see some more interesting information.
    In "Mobile Signal":
    Network operators, phone type, network type, network strength in dbm and ASU, data state, data activity, country code of the mobile phone, device ID, IP address, roaming state.
    In "WiFi signal":
    WiFi-Name (SSID), MAC address, maximum WiFi speed, IP address, subnet mask, Gateway IP address, DHCP server address, DNS1 and DNS2 address.

    What's in this version:
    "Screen timeout" settings added
    Small optimizations for Galaxy Tab device

    Requirements: Android 2.1+

    Download Signal Info Android rar

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