MIXTRAX App v1.0.1

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MIXTRAX App v1.0.1

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Discover a new music mix with the MIXTRAX App.

Derived from Pioneer’s experience in developing world-renown professional DJ products, the MIXTRAX App analyzes the music library on your Android and effortlessly categorizes your music into unique non-stop mixes.

Each mix features virtual DJ effects that blend and transition one song to the next while maintaining the overall tempo and mood of the mix. You can now get into the mix without worrying about cueing up songs, beat matching, or adding effects, as the MIXTRAX App does it all for you.

◆◇ Features ◇◆

◆Non-Stop Mix Play
・Automatically creates playlists grouping music according to common characteristics.
・Automatically selects tracks that share similar characteristics (tempo/melody).
・Mixes your music with automatic matching of music tempo and beat.

・Simply touch the track that is currently being played to create a new mix based on five different characteristics of the current track: Artist, Genre, Tempo, Age, All

◆Smart Shuffle
・The order of tracks within a playlist can instantly be set to match the tempo or mood of the music you are currently listening to.

◆Mix Style
・Choose from three types of mixes that offer different playback lengths and styles to create the ideal non-stop mix.

◆Mix Playlist
・MIXTRAX can now turn an entire playlist into a unique non-stop mix, so your favorite playlists can now become your favorite mixes.

・Using 'MIXTRAX Software' (available free of charge) from a Windows or Mac computer is recommended whenever analyzing a large quantity of music.
・Analyzing music with 'MIXTRAX Software' prior to using the MIXTRAX app will reduce the time required to analyze the songs within the application.
・Connecting the device to a power source is recommended when performing music analysis.
Operating Environment
■ Supported OS version: Android4.0 or more
■Playable files: MP3, AAC, WAV
★ Tested model
In addition, there is if you do not normally work with the models depending on the usage of the terminal.
★ memory space required for the operation
Free space of the application area of about 300MB is needed for the analysis of music.
On models equipped with a small built-in memory capacity, you may music analysis does not work due to lack of memory.
Please contact the manufacturer of your device and how to check free space.

MIXTRAX is a trademark of Pioneer Corporation.
Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries.​
What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 6, 2014)
  • We have improved the problem that forced termination in a particular device.
  • We have improved the problem that does not appear artwork.
  • Defect which you had pointed out will upgrade in the near future.
  • And it is with the plan that corresponds to the order.
Required Android O/S :4.0+

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