Instagram v100. (v16) [Mod]

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  • 11 Temmuz 2019
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    Sponsorlu Bağlantılar

    Instagram, Android cihazlar için yayınlanan popüler fotoğraf ve video paylaşma uygulamasıdır. Android 4.4 ve üzeri gerektirir.

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    > Download photos, videos, stories, IGTV videos
    > Removed ads from tapes and stories
    > Ability to listen to and remove stories with music without the need for a VPN (but with the addition to the story did not figure out)
    > Copy and translate comments
    > Copy bio from profile on click
    > Disable swipe-navigation in the tape (left in the camera, right in direct)
    > Clickable links in comments
    > Enable default video sound
    > Disable video autoplay (long tap on camera icon)
    > Hiding viewing stories, recordings, broadcasts
    > Unreadable direct (when enabled, messages are not marked read in any way except by sending a message)
    > Hidden "typing" status in the direct (your interlocutor does not know that you are typing something)
    > Ability to open links in an external browser
    > The inscription in the profile, if the person is following you
    > Repost any stories to yourself in the story (even if the user has forbidden them to repost at all)
    > Developer settings with a long tap on the house icon
    > Zoom photo long tap
    > Turn off a like when double tapes
    > Rewind video
    > Double line input in direct

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    Yazan: ANIL

    Sponsorlu Bağlantılar
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    arkadaş ben mi salağım yoksa site mi bozuk link nerede
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    Aşağıda bağlantı yazan yere tıklayın.
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    Mobil cihaz ile gönderdi
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