Google Maps 4.6.0

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    Get Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Places, and Latitude
    Place page reviews
    Now, you&#8217;ll see that Place pages on Android Maps share the same new design for displaying reviews as used by Place pages on your computer. You can see:
    &#8220;Reviews from around the web&#8221; for highlighting sites that have high-quality reviews about the place.
    &#8220;Reviews from Google users&#8221; for reviews posted directly to Google Maps by other users
    Filter search results
    Of course, you&#8217;ll first need to narrow down which Place page reviews to check out. In addition to distance and ratings, you can also filter results for some searches by:
    Open now
    Related searches

    Find the right place with the updated reviews section (left) or search results filters (right).

    Google Latitude real-time updating
    In Latitude, you can also choose an experimental &#8220;Real-time updating&#8221; option from an individual Latitude friend&#8217;s profile page to help meet up with them by temporarily seeing faster location updates (friends must have Maps 4.6 and Android 2.2+).

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