Excalibur: Knights Of The King V1.0

  • 22 Eylül 2013
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    Excalibur is a side-scrolling action MMORPG set in the realm of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Combining MMORPG and classic beat 'em up features,Excalibur allows players to explore the fabled world of Camelot with their fingertips.

    • The fate of medieval Britain rests in your hands.
    Fight in the realm of Avalon and embark on quests to test your mettle. Jump into an adventure to reach the top and save Britain from its demise!

    • Forge your path to glory from a choice of 4 diverse classes!
    Shred hordes of enemies with brute strength as a Knight, deliver swift death from the shadows as an Assassin, purge the battlefield by channeling devastating magic as a Wizard, or strike foes down from afar with deadly precision as an Archer. (Archer coming soon).

    • Conquer the feuding lands solo, with allies, or in a guild.
    Solo adventure, team-up with others in exciting co-op quests, join a guild to seek greater glory, or ascend the ranks in explosive PvP action!

    Version: 1.0
    Size: 46 MB
    Required android: 2.3 and up
    PLAYSTORE Link: https://play.google.com/kings.sword.excalibur


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