[Digia] Flowd v1.08(0) Symbian^3 Signed

  • 10 Mayıs 2011
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    YouTube - Digia Develops Flowd for Nokia using Qt SDK 1.1

    The new social networking app called Flowd is tailored for music lovers, and you can customize the way you use the app so that it is a perfect fit for your needs. And by music lovers I mean, well, I didn’t see any symphony orchestras on the artist list, but I did see literally hundreds of contemporary musicians and bands, from Shizzle to Adam Day. So, if your idea of the perfect Friday night is getting together with friends in the mosh pit of your favorite band, this app is aimed straight at you. Simply put, here’s what is in it: There is a means of following any or all of your favorite bands, including finding the events relating to a given band, as well as the flow of commentary from the artists themselves. That’s one end of it. The other end is your social networking with your friends, commenting on the events, posting messages that are read by the artists as well as your friends, and easily posting pictures that you take at the events and elsewhere. The third part of the app is geo-location, giving you a map showing where an event is being held, the ability to add your own events to the map, and to find local points of interest that are not far from you. Did I mention a Facebook posting interface built into the app? Well, I should have.
    But before I get too far, let’s take a moment to watch this interview with the team from Digia that developed the Flowd app using the Qt SDK 1.1. As you will hear, Digia was able to develop this app in about six weeks, which included learning how to use Qt Quick from scratch:
    I checked out Flowd on my Nokia N8, and overall found it quite easy to setup and use. The first thing that it does is let you hook up with your Facebook page so that you can share your pictures and posts with it, as in the following screen. Next, it has you set up your profile and upload your profile photo, as I did on the screen below.
    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Then, there is the business of selecting which artists you want to follow. The artists are listed alphabetically, and the list scrolls as fast as you want it to on the N8 touch screen. Still, herein is the one bone that I have to pick with Flowd, and which I hope will be remedied with a quick update. There are hundreds of artists, and while it is fun to check out what each one is and does, a search function would be helpful. Like I said though, the alphabetical list scrolls very quickly, so a search function is only a nicety, not a must-have. When you find the band you want on the list, just touch the white dot to follow that band, and a green check mark shows up as on the screen below.
    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    What does that get you? It puts that artist&#8217;s blog posts on your Flowd page, allows you to track their events and see them on a map. Shown below is the selection set for one of the artists, the Showdown Rock &#8216;n&#8217; Roll Club.
    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Clicking on Events gets you to the map of their next event, shown below.
    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    But what is music without friends? So, I started to add friends to my Flowd network. Flowd actually suggested some new friends that I didn&#8217;t know, but I preferred to stick to those in my address book. In the screen above, notice that the bottom row of icons consists of your Flow page, local Places, the Artist list, your Friends, and your own profile. In the Friends section, it lets you add friends from your Facebook page, from your contact list, or via email.
    The next time that I fired up Flowd, it showed the screen below, which indicates that I am now following Beat Service and Afterlight, and have added Jason Black as a friend.
    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Clicking on the AfterLight flow, I saw a string of posts that the artist had shared, including an editing screen showing the audio mix that he was working on at the moment.
    Two things that I have to mention to round out my experience with the app were the Event Wall, and the local Places features of the app.
    The Event Wall is just what it sounds like&#8211;the postings of Flowd members regarding a specific event attended by one of the artists you are following. It is an electronic way of getting the buzz about the event.
    The second is the Places feature, which might be a way to figure out where a bite to eat or the after-party will be. At my locale in San Francisco, California, the screen looked like the one below:
    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Overall, I found this new Qt-based app to be nice and tight, combining the music-based social interaction facility with a very easy way to post my photos and messages to Facebook.


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