Casio XW-P1 Synthesizer

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Silinen Üye 737108

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Casio XW-P1 Synthesizer

XW-P1 Performance Synthesizer
Number of Keys61
ControllersPitch Wheel; Yes
Modulation WheelYes
Assignable ControllersControllers; 4 Knobs
Assignable FunctionsMIDI Messages (CC, RPN, NRPN, Mono After touch, Poly After touch, Pitch, Tempo)
Editing Controllers9 Sliders
DisplayLCD; 72x31 Dot Matrix + Patterns, with Backlight and Contrast
Tone GeneratorOverview; Sound Generator Type; HPSS(Hybrid Processing Sound Source)
Number of Parts16
Total Number of Tones (Preset/User)620/310
PCM, Melody, PCM Drum, Drawbar Organ, Hex Layer, Solo Synthesizer
GM CompatibleLevel 1
TuningA4=415.5Hz - 440.0Hz - 465.9Hz (0.1Hz-Step)
PCM TonesPreset/User Tones; 400/100
Tri-Element Stereo PianoYes
Tones with User WaveN/A
Drum Kits (Preset/User)20/10
Hex LayerNumber of Tones (Preset/User); 50/50
DescriptionA single tone with 6 components. Independent filter, pitch, envelope zone, velocity range and effects mix for each layer
Drawbar OrganNumber of Tones (Preset/User); 50/50
Description9 Step Drawbar organ mode with 9 dedicated sliders, percussion control, click and rotary speaker
Solo SynthesizerPreset/User Tones; 100/100
Maximum Polyphony1
Oscillator Blocks6 (Synth 1/2, PCM1/2, Ext Input, Noise)
External InputYes
Pitch ShifterYes
Noise GeneratorYes
Non-Resonant FilterYes (6)
Resonant FilterYes (1)
Oscillator MixerYes
LFOYes (2)
Envelope GeneratorsPitch, Amp, Filter, LFO
Assignable Virtual Controllers8
EffectsSystem Reverb; Preset Types; 10
System ChorusPreset Types; 5
LimitationsSystem Chorus, DSP and Solo Synthesizer are mutually exclusive
Master EffectEQ; Editable 4 Band EQ
DSPNumber of DSP Sets (Preset/User); 100/100
PCM Tone Effect CategoriesCompressor, Distortion, Enhancer, Wah, Auto Pan, Tremolo, Rotary, Phaser, Chorus, Reflection, Tempo Sync Delay, Ring Modulator, LoFi, 2-Module Multi
Solo Synth DSPTempo Sync Delay, Distortion, Ring Modulator, Chorus, Flanger, Pan
Algorithm Types46(Normal Tone DSP) 6(Solo Synthesizer DSP)
DSP Lines1
Audio PlayerStorage Type; SD Card
Number of Songs999
Audio File Format42kHz Stereo
LimitationAudio Playing, Musical Playing(SMF, Step Sequencer) are mutually exclusive.
Step SequencerNumber of Tracks; Mono x 8, Poly x 1, Control x 4
Number of Patterns / Step Sequence8
Number of Step Sequencers (Preset/User)100/100
Number of Chains (user)100
Maximum Number of Steps16
OtherNote Gate, Note Swing per Track
Phrase SequencerNumber of Phrases; 100/100
Number of Tracks1
Play ModeLoop, Hold, Play
Capacity8KBytes/Pgrase, 128KBytes/100 User Phrases
Recordable EventsNote On/Off, Controller Operations
ArpeggiatorOther; Phrase measure and note quantize, overdub
Number of Patterns (Preset/User)100/100
Data TypesVariation, Step
Editing FunctionVariation; Parameter Edit
Step16-Step Edit, Parameter Edit
PerformanceNumber of Memories (Preset/User); 100/100
Parameter CategoriesTone, Effect, Mixer, Controller, Sequence, Phrase, Arpeggio, MIDI
Recall Parameter FilterYes
Number of Keyboard Zones4
Multifunction Yes
TransposeRange; +/- 12
Octave ShiftRange; +/- 3
TempoRange; 30-255BPM
Tap TempoButton/LED; Yes
MIDI ClockTransmit/Receive; Yes
StorageSDHC Card; Capacity; 2GB-32GB

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