BlackPlayer EX v20.39 build 270 BETA [Patched]

  • 16 Nisan 2018
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  1. BlackPlayer EX v20.39 build 270 BETA [Patched], Android cihazlar için geliştirilen alternatif bir müzik çalar uygulamasıdır. Bu uygulama ile Android telefonunuzda bulunan bütün müzikleri hızlı ve kolay bir şekilde dinleyebilirsiniz. Gelişmiş EQ desteği vardır.

    20.39 BETA - April 15
    - Fixed 'Now Playing Rounded corner' graphical glitch and for 'Fit Center' scaletype! This setting is now moved to 'Now Playing settings'.
    - Added option to view Artist as 'Circle Grid' and 'Material Grid'.
    - Added option to disable the bottom bar in Folder view.
    - Added new 'Filled Solid Color UI' Now Playing button background style with no translucency.
    - Added option in Artist page to reset the image and auto download new one.
    - Added option to use the dominating color for the 'Gradient UI' feature.
    - Added 'Favorites' as possible action of the Bottom navigation bar.
    - Fixed unable to Share #Now Playing on Android Oreo.
    - Added Album title to Immersive theme.
    - Tried to fix wrong cover in the big 4x2 widget.
    - Tried to fix Custom lockscreen on Android Oreo.
    - Tried to fix notification freeze.
    - Minor layout update to 'Stock 2' theme.

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