Android L CM11 Theme v1.07

  • 17 Ağustos 2014
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  1. Android L CM11 Theme, CM11 için geliştirilen Android L arayüzüdür. Android 4.0.3 ve üzeri gerektirir.

    ☑ Tons of fixes and updates! New settings design + icons!
    ☑ Brand new custom designed Ultimate Android L CM11 Boot Animation!
    ☑ New Animations added and updates - checkbox animation design updated, initial new touch animation effects added!
    ☑ Brand new system UI updates and redesigns, enhanced Android L style designs added, font fixes and corrections!
    ☑ More coming soon!
    ☑ Please e-mail or send screenshots of any fixes needed or suggestions, thank you for your support!

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    Android L CM11 Theme - Google Play'de Android Uygulamaları


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