5800 v40 Hacked

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  • 16 Nisan 2010
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    5800 v40 Hacked olabilir bu sitede bir bakın derim.



    Disclaimer: Do this hack at your own risk, you may damage your phone!

    Hi all < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    First I have to say that this was very hard work for all guys form PNHT < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Adonix without You this hack will be never possible so BIG THX < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Also BIG THX to steven25 for beta testing < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    This is our first project so it's not perfect but at least let you people to hack your 5800 V40, also this is very big step for Nokia Cooking.


    This HACK is only for 5800 V40 RM-356 !!!!

    First you have to download your firmware files using navifirm then copy all files to:
    "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-356\"

    ( navifirm giude here )

    Then you have to download RM356_40.0.005_023_xxx_U01.uda.fpsx and copy it to :
    "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-356\"
    and overwrite.
    If your file has other name like "RM356_40.0.005_003_U302.uda.fpsx" then rename "RM356_40.0.005_023_xxx_U01.uda.fpsx" to "RM356_40.0.005_003_U302.uda.fpsx" and then overwrite.

    Now launch JAF and set options like in picture below:
    ( JAF guide here )
    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    And select your phone:

    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    JAF will load files copied to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-356\" (on picture is RM-504 but it have to be RM-356)

    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Now TURN OFF your phone !! and then click FLASH button after that press power button (don't hold it) on your phone and JAF will start flashing.
    When flash will finish restart your phone and copy files from Patches.zip to "E:\Patches" and run RP+, select "Install Server RP+" and "Open4All RP+" add them to auto and your phone is HACKED !!!!!!!!

    This is our first release so it has bug < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >
    after hard reset RP+ will disappear and you will have to flash phone again < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    We need beta testers with N97 and N97 mini phones if we will find some beta testers we will create hack for N97 and N97 mini

    If Multiupload don't work for you here are direct links:


    Hotfile.com: One click file hosting
    zSHARE - RM356_40.0.005_023_xxx_U01.uda.fpsx
    RM356_40.0.005_023_xxx_U01.uda.fpsx kostenlos vom uploading.com herunterladen


    Hotfile.com: One click file hosting
    zSHARE - Patches.zip
    Patches.zip kostenlos vom uploading.com herunterladen


    Yazan: DolunayHatz

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    Türkçesi verildi zaten..
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    konu altına türkçe link verilip çöplenebilir.
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