ŞOK! ŞOK! ŞOK! S^3 fw 5800 ve 5530 da (menü benzetmesi)

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    Maxicep.com - ŞOK ŞOK ŞOK s^3 fw 5800-ve 5530 da < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Greetings, a month after releasing version 5 based on the firmware of the C6 and reaching over 27,000 downloads, it's time for a little update and is the version 5.2. We shall try to meet all the requests we made and correct minor errors.So here are the new features


    • Media Bar 100% functional and forever
    • Classic Notes Added
    • Effects optimized, now you can activate without any fear
    • Fixed mobile recognition of the Ovi Suite 2.
    • Removed floating particles in the Home.
    • Fixed error when exiting the player back to the menu.
    • Personality reprogrammed chip in your phone, now has no soul so do not express their feelings spontaneously turning on the headlights.
    • Battery:
      - Hold, over 4 days (Inactive)
      - With normal use, 3 days (calls, text messages, music, WiFi)
      - Heavy, 1 day (Playing, Photo, Explore 3G, GPS)

      At this point there are things to clarify is that the battery is very good but not enough to be connected via a data packet all day, there are applications that consume about 2W constant current as in the case of Ovi CONTACS, WhatsApp, Ovi Maps, Google Maps and others. This means that the battery with the use of such applications is capable of supporting up to 5 hours depending on the manufacturer's specifications, so be clear that this is not the fault of the firmware. In standby mode (blocked) the firmware consumes 0.1 W the same as the original firmware and the least we can eat, and when you unlock it consumes 0.30 W continuously bringing pots reach about 18 hours, much more than what you get with the original firmware that consumes about 0.48 W. On the other hand we must be clear that this firmware allows you to place widgets on the desktop and many of them are connected to the Internet several times a day and spend RAM and processor usage, as the case of weather widgets, mail, foursquare and others, so the more you put widgets on the home unless your battery will last. Also decreased slightly the percentage of processor usage for the applications so it stays cool and lasts a lot longer battery life. The last advice I give is that when you install this firmware the screen shines much more, we have no idea why, but it is certain that shines so much that nothing else set at 50% brightness, which is why recommend you go to Settings -> Phone -> Display -> sensor light and place in a level before the half, 25% bone, This extends the battery life about 7 hours more and stay at the same brightness with the original firmware while saving the environment jejejejeje.

    • Interactive desktop with Widgets
    • Languages: English and RM-428 (Latin Spanish) RM-356 (Spanish Spain) RM-504 (Latin Spanish)
    • You can install anything you want without signing applications, or perform any process, no more expired license!
    • Integrated mail client with support for all your Hotmail, Gmail, Ovi, etc.
    • Unlock and release horizontal swipe added
    • New font much more modern and fitted with the new menu, the original source is huge !!!!!!!!
    • New 4x4 and screen menu
    • Ovi integrated maps v3.06 with upgradeability. (Not available in 5530)
    • Sounds of the camera of the Nokia N8
    • Optimized rotation
    • Added 3 new widgets shortcuts so you can get screen access.
    • Now you can restart your phone with the Power button, much more convenient.
    • Reorganized menu and custom folders
    • 79 MB free internal memory and 59 MB free RAM
    • Clock Widget is now removable so you can remove it and have a Swipe
    • Removed the poster to show all the applications running on drop-down menus
    • Bring Java applications all permissions enabled to avoid so many unnecessary requests
    • Fewer requests for applications WRT
    • You can send any file protected by Bluetooth, no more restrictions
    • Show call duration Enabled
    • Activated to start automatic rotation
    • Added new audio codecs for stereo sound better
    • Sound a lot stronger than the original firmware
    • Removed the test versions of QuickOffice, Adobe Reader and Zip Manger
    • Welcome MyNokia removed and
    • Added SMS Conversations
    • In the Ovi mobile is identified as a Nokia N97 so have many more programs compatible
    • Added items: Symbian ^ 3, Dark Symbian and Transparent.
    • Transparent theme with widgets are transparent, it is very cool!
    • Deleted files FOTA
    • Auto rotate off the marker and calls for
    • Improved effects and without delay
    • Facebook added tactile equipment browser bookmarks
    • Gallery reconfigured to not read images in system folders
    • Dark S60 startup image and sound a bit low not to disturb
    • Much more fluid interface
    • Removed some startup applications to have more free resources.
    • Browser Cache grown and moved to E


    Before writing that there is an error, please check before you formatted flash external memory and I did a Hard reset (* # 7370 #) to your mobile, 99% of problems are solved as well.

    What firmware version I have before installing this firmware?
    No matter which version you can skip this firmware without doing anything before, just keep in mind to install the RM for your mobile.

    If I do not like I can go back to the original older version or another CFW? Yes, you can always put another CFW that is based on the V51 for 5800 and the v31 to 5530. Likewise, you can return to the original version in the same versions.

    Do I have problems with contacts, as I keep them before the upgrade and restore?

    If you do a backup with the Ovi suite will have problems, so the process to follow to keep all your phone numbers is:
    From your phone go to your address book, press Options, where it says you give DIAL-> Mark all. Then press Options again and give in the BUSINESS CARD COPY -> In another report, choose your external memory and ready.
    Once you have your mobile with our CFW ^ 3 Symbian v5.2 installed so you just go to your address book again press Options, then BUSINESS CARD -> On the other memory and select your external memory. This method is not only much easier and faster but it also is much more complete because all pictures are saved contact and everything is done from the same phone.
    Did not work for me MediaBar Button? Become an exorcism, really you should spit out a witch when drinking
    Did not you detect my ringtones, I buy a new phone? The stamps you put on your external memory in the folder E: / Sounds / Digital
    "The applications are not always compatible with this new system?
    Of course, if all your apps and themes are supported, but we recommend that henceforth seek applications for the N97 or the C6 and some bring the plugin to put a widget on the desktop, down on the extras will leave some .

    Have you already installed, but can not find the ROMPTACHER?
    The rompatcher no longer needed you can install whatever you want without certificate errors. Like if you want to use rompatcher you can install a patch, you let the link below.
    EXTRAS (Click on images to download)

    Facebook < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Widget official application on the desktop and Spanish

    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    A new method of writing on Symbian
    Ovi < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >
    Resim ufaltılmıştır. Orjinal halini görmek için buraya tıklayın (Orjinali: 705x715)< Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    The Nokia Application Shop
    RomPatcher < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    If you want to keep using a patch

    yabancı bi siteden buldum paylaşmak istedim c6 fw den kat kat ii dir
    bazı arkadaşlar diyecek ki bu fw s^3 değil fake die , doğru s^3 değil ama mümkün olduğu kadar benzetmişler ve gayet de gzl bi fw olmuş yine söylüyorum c6 fw den çok daha ii
    dil konusuna gelince ben konuyu aynen yapıştırdım fw deki diller ispanyolca editten anlayanlar lütfen tr dil dosyalarını eklesin saygılarımla
    hakkettiysem + rep

    Konunu orjineli=
    CFW ^ 3 Symbian v5.2 for Nokia 5800 and 5530 | Mobile Videos & Ringtones

    --------------- Ekleme ---------------

    RM- 504 = CFW Symbian^3 v5.2 RM-504.rar

    RM -356 = Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    --------------- Ekleme ---------------

    beyler bi bomba daha patlatıyorum işte tr dil dosyaları 5530 = Turkish_RM-504.Lang
    5800 ınki bu gece veya yarı up edicem bunu fw ye eklemek için = 9 Adımda FW Türkçeleştirme

    Yazan: linkinparkmm
  2. what is this
  3. konuyu incelemedim şuan ama böyle bişey varsa hiç durmadan kurarım. hemen okuyorum biraz uzun olduğu için ilk mesaj yazim dedim.
  4. türkçemi :)
  5. :D symbian 3 mü? bu c6 mod. aynısı bende ev ekranı saga sola kayıyo sandım. :D
  6. e bari türkçeleştirseydin direkt kopyala-yapıştır
  7. s3 değil mi şimdi c6 mıdır ?
  8. beyer c6 fw den dan kat kat daha ii ben kendim denedim ayrıca s^3 hiç bir zamn 5800 a entegre edilemez donanımı kaldırmas ama s^3 benzetilmiş en gzl fw ben kullanıyorum yorum size kalmış ve tr dil dosyalararını en kısa zamnda paylaşacağım
  9. N8 Temasına Benzetilmiş C6 FW'si. Nokia'larda İşletim Sisteminin Değiştirilmesi İmkansızdır. C6/N97'e Çevirebildik Çünkü C6 ve N97, 5800XM & 5530XM Gibi S60v5 Sistemini Kullanıyordu.
  10. bakın arkadaşlar bende biliyorum s^3 ün s60 v5 e entegre edilemeyeceğini bu sadece benzetmişler konuyu tam olarak okumuyosunuz bunlardan konudada bahsattim

    --------------- Ekleme ---------------

    fw yi kullanmak istiyenler için tr dil dosylarını eklicem 5530 un kini ekledin en üstte var 5800 ınkini en kısa zamnda up edicem siteye

    --------------- Ekleme ---------------

    fw yi kullanmak istiyenler için tr dil dosylarını eklicem 5530 un kini ekledin en üstte var 5800 ınkini en kısa zamnda up edicem siteye
  11. yükleyen varmı arkadaşlar,yorumlarınızı bekliyorum,sonuca göre yükleyelim :oke:
  12. deneyelim bakalım nasıılmıiş
  13. mesajlara girilmiyor kurmayın cok saçma cfw
  14. yok yaw çok güxelmişte mesajlara girmiiyo bağlantı ayarıı bozulmuştur düzeltilebilir....
  15. evet mesajlara girmiyor... aslında güzel olmuş ama girmiyor mesajlara işte
  16. şimdi kurdum bende arkadaşlar.fw gayet güzel ve hızlı fakat msjlara girmiyoo üstadların bu konuya bi el atması lazim msjlara girilmedende olmaz....
  17. Daha eksikleri olur bu cfw nin, ustadlar bu olaya bi el atıp cfwyi düzenlerse neden kurmayım ki.

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