Puzzles - Vol 1

  • 15 Kasım 2010
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  1. Have fun and challenge yourself or your friends with those exciting Puzzles, now available on Samsung Wave !

    Puzzle Mania is a collection of entertaining puzzle games.
    In volume 1 - Animals - you’ll find 12 beautiful animals puzzles to solve.

    All of them are 48 pieces puzzles, playable on 3 levels of difficulty :

    In “Standard” mode, the model is available, as well as traces of the pieces shapes.
    In “Pro” mode, you only have the model to guide you, without any marking for pieces.
    In “Expert” mode, you don’t have any marking, the model is hidden, and the pieces may have to be rotated !

    Note : English and French application. Other languages not supported


    Yazan: OğuzcanAbi

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