PIMPin Argodaki anlamlari (Ingilizce)

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PIMPin Argodaki anlamlari (Ingilizce)
1.) p.i.m.p.
player into making progres
ssnoop and 50 are p.i.m.p.s

2.) p.i.m.p.
put it in my pocket
snoop and some other original pimp said it

3.) P.I.M.P.
Party in my Pants stands for P.I.M.P
Rappers tend to be "pimps".

4.) P.I.M.P.
A Person Who Owns Prostitutes!!
50 Cent Is A Mother Fukin P.I.M.P!!

5.) P.I.M.P.
Poe-Poes In My Palace
I slapped a bitch now there's Poe-Poes In My Palace.

6.) P.I.M.P.
People In Many Places
who wants to be shared?!?!?! BE YOUR OWN PIMP!

7.) P.I.M.P.
Perfect Independent Marvelous Playa
I'm a P.I.M.P.

8.) P.I.M.P.
P- player
I- interested,in
M- makin'
P- progess
I'm a pimp down day in da Boro!!!

9.) P.I.M.P.
put in my pu**y
what did u put in my pu**y?

10.) p.i.m.p.
pee in my pants
omgizzle, you guys, i just pimped.

11.) P.I.M.P.
A person that treats another guy/girl like shit and they let them do that.
Snoop Dog at the VMAs with two girls on a leash. That was way too far Snoop, way too far.

12.) P.I.M.P.
penis in my pocket
I can't f... with her, cause I got no more P.I.M.P

13.) P.I.M.P.
Playaz Illegally Marketing Prostitutes
Thats the tru meaning on P.I.M.P.i need sum cash tyme to P.I.M.P these hoez

14.) P.I.M.P.
Pooper In My Pocket
Jebadiah, you are one sick P.I.M.P.

15.) P.I.M.P.
Pu**y is My Prerogative.
I do not know what you heard about me, but what you may wish to consider is that I am a mother fuc*ing P.I.M.P.
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