MX Player Pro v1.13.2 [Patched/AC3/DTS] [Lite] [All Versions]

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  • 13 Ağustos 2019
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    MX Player Pro, Android cihazlar için yayınlanan popüler video oynatıcıdır. Android 4.2 ve üzeri gerektirir.

    With this release, we bring you native 64-bit support. What does this mean? Up to 30% better performance making your video playback experience on MX Player faster and richer.

    We also improved compatibility with x86 and tegra3 chipsets. You no longer need an additional codec pack to use the app!

    Oh yes, we also fixed several bugs that were bothering you lot :)
    – Network streaming issues with 1.12.x
    – Subtitle issues with some Android 5.x devices
    – Improper rendering of online videos

    < Resmi açmak için tıklayın >

    Removed agreement window with GDPR
    All google code, stat-anal, evaluation window, update offer window removed
    Added DTS codec
    Unnecessary Internet connection cut off
    Languages EN, RU

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