Kaan These Girls feat. Mario Winans Şarkı Sözü

  • 17 Mart 2013
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  1. Forever is a long time i know
    You been thru dissappoinments, let go
    Just know imma place the world at your feet
    Girl i’d rather die then to lie or cheat
    Had to make it official in a major way
    Joined by Mario Winans to prove i dont play

    I aint knew what love was untill i met you
    I cherish every moment what we got is special
    Real talk im an addict to your kamasutra
    Ma, please don’t let your past hurt our future

    Never mind nay sayers they just mad
    Out to break up something sacred they never had
    A commitment build on passion and respect
    Girl lets put them trust issues to rest
    And imma keep it 100 and stay committed
    My love for you is endless not even sky is the limit

    Baby girl by now you should know me
    Like i aint your best friend, lover and homie
    Them phonies in your ear tell ‘em take a hike
    Lets build a happy home it takes 2 to make it right

    They say we’re from 2 diffrent worlds sarkisozu.info
    I reply i got a queen no need to mess with other girls
    Dont i give you my all every single day
    What do i have to do to finally here you say

    K i trust you 100 percent
    Dont let doubts kill a dream heaven sent
    I’m your mister right and you know it deep within
    I love you more then life girl we got a win win

    Yazan: Haydar
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