Jkhahn A Ninja Dude Ninja School 1.1.0 Lz0

  • 30 Ekim 2010
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      Jkhahn A Ninja Dude Ninja School 1.1.0 Lz0 | iPad iPhone iPod Touch | 10.5 MB

      Founded in 2010, the Ninja Dude School of Ninja is a center for education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The school has the world best professor of ninjastar, sword and magic words field, and there are a lot of the best assassins who graduate Ninja Dude School of Ninja. Our goal is that make students the best ninja of the world. If you want to be the greatest ninja or assassin, just join us. Be a super duper ninja with us!!

      The School of Ninja offers courses primarily for undergraduate students now.
      Freshman has to pass four type weapons tests(Midterm, Final exam).
      We strongly recommend preparation in newbie survival mode before take exam.
      After pass the final exam, expert survival mode will be available.

      +Fall Semester for Freshman+

      -Basic weapons
      ns1C : Introduction to Ninjastars, 240-101
      nw101 : Fundamentals of Ninja Sword, 320

      -Magic words
      ms74N : Principles of a magic words, 320-370

      -Field equipment
      nv119W : How to use night vision, 370

      Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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