[Herocraft] Zum-Zum v1.33.10 S^3 J2ME

  • 3 Kasım 2010
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    YouTube - Zum-Zum (J2ME)

    Welcome to our cosy hospitable pyramids! Here you will be delighted by comfort in truly Kingly rest. A lot of famous people such as Ramesses II, Thutmos III, Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti 666 stayed here. Yes, you are right, pyramids weren't under repair very long, they were last renovated after the campaign of Alexander the Great but we succeeded in keeping the unique atmosphere of our ancient land. Oh, and don't believe the gossip that mummies used to loaf about our halls at night...&#8221;

    Zum-zum boasts captivating game-play, attractive graphics and simple rules. You should have time to destroy a chain of multi-coloured balls creating lines which contain at least 3 pieces of the same colour before the scarab who is a pyramid's guardian takes a chain away to his lair. Travelling across the ancient pyramid you will play 35 maze-levels, solve the riddle of a magical artefact and have great deal of fun!

    Zum-zum &#8211; is entertainment worthy even of the Pharaohs.


    * 2 game modes
    * 3 difficulty settings
    * 35 original levels
    * Atmospheric Egyptian graphics and music
    * Captivating gameplay
    * A great variety of bonuses


    Yazan: Sensation
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