Dog Pile

  • 16 Nisan 2011
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  1. A litter of hungry puppies all climb on top of each other after the pieces of bone. Let your puppy collect the bone and meet the hunger of other puppies. Dog Pile is an well designed puzzler style Android game with Great graphic art work. The physics for bouncing plinko style (who doesn’t like plinko?) works as you’d expect which is a bonus. The sounds are pretty good too with plenty of amusing sounds.
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    Dog Pile Android Game is packed with features:
    &#9733; Stunning yet adorable graphics in HD!
    &#9733; Interactive gameboards come to life as you play!
    &#9733; Collect dog bone biscuits and outfit your favorite Dog Pack!
    &#9733; Simple swipe controls get your Dog into the action!
    &#9733; Match your Dog on the Pile below before time runs out!
    &#9733; Use tilt controls to guide your Dogs through insane obstacles for big points!
    &#9733; Start by playing the thrilling Carnival courses before really unleashing your dogs in the zany Space Challenge!
    &#9733; Every level offers a fun and unique set of obstacles and gizmos to try!
    Watch below the video trailer of Dog Pile Android Game:
    Download DPFree.rar for free on

    Yazan: SLM10
  2. link nerde ler :P::P:naughty::d::box:hmmm:kop:::pro::bilmm|-):off:
  3. Link'İde ekleseydin tam olucaktı :D
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