apple yeni ekran teknolojisi 3d ekran

  • 4 Ekim 2012
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    Apple are allegedly working on Haptic Feedback technology for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This rumour originated just before the release of The New iPad and it definitely seemed credible since the invitation said "We have something you really have to see. And touch." with a picture of a finger hovering over the device's touchscreen. Unfortunately this didn't come to fruition but the iPad 3 sure came with a gorgeous display nonetheless.
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    <span style="font-family: Lucida Sans Unicode">[video=vimeo;40056491][/video]
    “today’s surprise invention packs a punch with a wildly intelligent multi-tiered haptics system. Thesystem will actually allow an iDevice display to deform so that it could provide the user with a button, an arrow or even a geological map to physically pop right out of the screen to give it 3D depth. If that wasn’t cool enough, Apple’s patent discusses a flexible OLED display that could be used for video glasses.”
    The technology can enable 3D depth with objects such as arrows literally popping out at you and a textured display that makes things such as carpet feel like carpet and the snozberries feel like snozberries. What's even better is that this doesn't require any moving parts or modification, instead utilising a very Apple-esque electrostatic attractive force between the finger and the screen, which gives a sensory perception of various textures. There is no movement, it just alters the friction felt under the finger with electrical signals, similar to what Apple already utilises.

    This looks like a really credible possibility and all we can do is hope that this awesome technology makes it to the iPhone 6 in a few months.

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