Anti-Virus Pro 2.7 (Android) AVG AntiviriüS Pro

  • 18 Nisan 2011
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  1. Anti-Virus Pro 2.7 (Android)

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    Anti virus Pro protects Android devices from malware,viruses and spam SMS.

    The world&#8217;s most comprehensive security software is now available for Android&#8482;. Keep your device safe with just one click.

    Download antivirus pro today and:
    &#8730; Scan apps, settings, files, and media in real time
    &#8730; Find your lost or stolen phone and locate it on a map
    &#8730; Back up and restore all your valuable apps and data
    &#8730; Eliminate tasks that slow your phone down
    &#8730; Ensures emails, contacts, bookmarks and text messages are safe.
    &#8730; Checks media files for vulnerabilities
    &#8730; Run daily, weekly, or on demand
    &#8730; Lock or Wipe your phone remotely via SMS or our Mobile Control Panel
    &#8730; Set a lock screen message to help the locator find you
    AVG and DroidSecurity have partnered together to protect you from threats on the mobile environment.
    With AVG Anti-Virus Pro for Android you&#8217;ll receive effective, advert-free virus protection, as well as VIP tech support.

    Languages supported:
    Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

    What's in this version:
    &#8730; New action bar added to all screens to help navigate within the antivirus app.
    &#8730; Main menu options were changed, to providing ease of access to main features like tools, remote management and help.
    &#8730; New support email functionality added, making it easy to send support info or inquiry our support center.
    &#8730; App locker security and functionality were improved.
    &#8730; App Backup & restore functionality were improved.

    Requirements: Android 1.5+

    Download Anti Virus Pro Android apk


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  2. Tam sürüm mü? Şifre istemez değil mi?
  3. fulldür bize ;)
  4. teşekkürler iyi oldu:evet:
  5. telefonu çok yavaşlatıyor ve bence androidde bi antivirüs programına ihtiyaç yok diye düşünüyorum sadece programlara mesajlara vs şifre koyabiliyorsun o özelliği güzel..yine emek vermiş paylaşmıssın tşkrler
  6. emeğinize sağlık :tşk:
  7. bu pro deyil.. =(
  8. :D nasıl değil .apk ne olmasnı bekliyordn 5800 da calşmaz tabi
  9. saqol
  10. teşekkürler.....
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